Terms and Conditions

OKTOPRO EOOD is a responsible company implementing systems and solutions to guarantee the security of your personal data. Our platform and website do not use user-sensitive cookies that collect your personal data and does not extract your personal data by decrypting certain cookies.



Cookies are text files used by the OKTOPRO platform to store information on your computer or mobile device that you visited our platform (www.okto.pro) or our website (www.oktopro.com). The OKTOPRO platform or our website uses these small files to recognize, identify and authorize you as its user. We use cookies mainly to improve the functionality of our website and platform.



For the purpose of running our website and/or our platform, we only use the Drupal Session Cookie – SESS*. This cookie contains a unique ID of your session in the OKTOPRO platform. These cookies are needed to authorize the user on the OKTOPRO website or platform and to help the used use their functionalities. They do not contain your personal data and are stored for a period of 2,000,000 seconds.

More information about Drupal Session Cookies can be found on https://www.drupal.org/.


For the optimal performance of our platform/website, OKTOPRO also uses third-party cookies and OKTOPRO is not responsible for the way the latter collect, process and store information.


We use Cloud Flare ID – __cfduid cookies

Provider: Cloudflare

The validity period is determined by the provider, Cloudflare.

The Cloud Flare ID – __cfduid type cookies are used for optimal security and do not contain any sensitive information. More information on the Cloud Flare ID – __cfduid can be found on Cloud Flare’s website: https://www.cloudflare.com/cookie-policy/.


The platform/website uses Google Analytics so it is possible that analytics.js cookies of Google Analytics be used.

_ga – used to distinguish users;

_gid – used to distinguish users;

_gat – used to throttle request rate from the user.

AMP_TOKEN – Contains a token that can be used to retrieve a Client ID from AMP Client ID service, and

_gac_ <property-id> – Contains (user) campaign related information for the user. All of the above are part of the analytics.js library provided by Google.

Google Inc./ Google Analytics is the cookie provider.

When using Google cookies, OKTOPRO does not change, modify, upgrade and/or interfere with Google cookies in any way.

The cookie retention period is determined by the provider – Google – and is as follows:

for _ga type cookies – up to 2 years

for _gid type cookies – up to 24 hours

for _gat type cookies – up to 1 minute

for AMP_TOKEN type cookies – between 30 seconds and 1 year

for _gac_ type cookies – up to 90 days

Full specification of Google Analytics cookies can be found on: https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/analyticsjs/cookie-usage.



Please note that the cookies used by OKTOPRO do not aim to identify you and they do not store your personal data. The cookies we have specified are only used for the purposes referred to in this policy.



Please note that when using software (a browser) to access the platform or to access to the OKTOPRO website, the browser allows the use of cookies by default. Each user may restrict the use of cookies but you should keep in mind that this may disrupt or make it impossible to use certain services on the platform/website.