Explore Oktopro pricing model to understand the rate of commission and advantages of our comfort pack

Service Fee

The Main Contractor pays OKTOPRO a Service Fee for the use of the Platform Services. The Service fee is subject to specific conditions such as fixed price for voluntary optional service packages or commission on value of the Service Contract (“Commission Service Fee”). The Main Contractor is notified via the Platform of details of the Service fee terms depending on the Service it intends to use. The Service fee invoicing is generated through the Platform.
When a Main Contractor enters into a Service Contract with a Subcontractor and/or Partner, the Main Contractor shall pay to OKTOPRO a Service fee on commission bases, a percentage on the value of the provided services under the Service Contract (herein referred to as “Commission Service fee”). The Commission Service Fee is defined by OKTOPRO sales admin in the process of registration of the Main Contractor on the Platform and showcased as a percentage in a pop-up dialog box on the first sign-in in the Platform.
The Commission Service Fee percentage is determined on Catalog level. OKTOPRO reserves the right to update the Service Fee percentage terms. The updated terms will be posted on the Platform. The Main Contractor will be informed of Service Fee update with a pop-up notification box upon sign-in. The Main Contractor may agree to or deny the Commission Service Fee change. If the Main Contractor denies the updated Service Fee described above, OKTOPRO reserves the right to restrict the Main Contractor the right to post/sign new Service Contracts. Pursuant to this User Agreement, the Service Fee page on the Platform shall be interpreted as an integral part of the OKTOPRO Terms.

The due Service Fees shall be paid by the Main Contractor to OKTOPRO within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of the invoice issue via the Platform. Invoices shall be shared by OKTOPRO in electronic way via the Platform and via email to the enlisted invoicing email in the Organisation’s profile in the Platform.


Commission or less with volume discounts on all transactions

Comfort coaching
Hours of tailored coaching
One-time payment
Phase 1 - Initiation & Onboarding
  • Virtual kickoff meeting to introduce key features and platform navigation.
  • Detailed guidance on managing your profile and operational prices.
  • Training on how to effectively use the Oktopro catalogues.
  • Assistance with posting and managing contracts on the platform
Phase 2 - Operational Excellence
  • In-depth use of your dashboard for project tracking.
  • Planning and communication feature tutorials.
  • Financial management tools to keep your budget and payments on track.
  • Three strategic on-site visits to ensure the proper implementation of platform tools and resolve any on-ground issues.
Phase 3 - Completion & Continuation
  • Training on using the ratings system to receive and give feedback.
  • Guidance on managing project closure and handling non-conformities.
  • Preparation for the next steps and continuous use of the platform.

Our Comfort Coaching Module is designed to ensure a smooth and efficient integration of our services into your workflow. This coaching module provides personalized guidance and support to help you optimize your operations through our comprehensive system. By focusing on proactive coaching, we ensure you make the most of our platform and adhere to best practices.

Details of the Package:
  • Duration: 40 hours of tailored coaching, with an automatic renewal for an additional 20 hours (non-refundable) upon completion.
  • Cost: €2,400 for the initial 40-hour package, charged at €60 per hour.
*Refund policy

It is 100% refundable under the form of 4 equal quarterly commission discounts of €600 if:

  • You comply with OKTOPRO Terms of Service and User Agreement.
  • You approve contract phases for a combined amount of €24,000 per yearly quarter.

You can recoup the cost within a year by receiving 4 discounts of €600 for each yearly quarter that meets these two criteria, but you have up to two years to get the full discount, accommodating slower quarters.

Additional Information:
  • The subsequent 20-hour package, triggered automatically upon the utilization of the initial 40 hours, is designed to reinforce learned practices and ensure ongoing success. 
  • This package is not refundable.
  • Customized coaching to align with your specific needs and challenges.
  • Continuous support and guidance to ensure successful project integration and execution.
  • On-site and remote assistance to address immediate operational challenges.
  • Comfort Coaching is not just a training program; it is an investment in enhancing your operational capabilities and ensuring your project success on the Oktopro platform.